Is it safe to buy at Moderna Meninas?

To protect all your data, Moderna Meninas has the world's leading security systems: 1- Comodo SSL Certification (the world's leading security certification company). This certificate guarantees that all your personal data, such as delivery address, credit card details and order history, will never be disclosed or accessed by third. 2- Certificate of Site Shielded. Check sure your site is safe by evaluating vulnerabilities in real time.

What information can Moderna Meninas ask me for?

Moderna Meninas will only request to Client the data strictly necessary to make a purchase in the electronic commerce, that is: name, email, telephone, address, CPF and date of birth, besides the data of the credit card for those who choose this form of payment. Other information may be provided by Client to improve in-store navigation (eg number of children, age of children, etc.), but are optional. The collect of data will always be performed through a secure page during the registration of the Client in the portal

The Moderna Meninas keep secrecy my data?

The Moderna Meninas will not sell, rent or transfer your data to third. The Moderna Meninas undertakes to use the client private information only for the achievement of the product sales and delivery service, and always internally. Some information be grouped and used internally as generic statistics in order to gain a better understanding of the profile of customers to improve the products and services offered at

How does sending offers and services work e-mail?

The sending of emails with offers and services will only be done with your consent and can be deactivated at any time. Moderna Meninas is against sending emails without prior authorization (known as SPAMs). By registering on our site, you can choose if you want to receive exclusive emails with information and promotions of Moderna Meninas. To cancel the receipt of e-mail of offers and services, the Client must send an e-mail to To cancel the receipt of offers and services, you may choose to:

Click on the respective link, present in all Moderna Meninas promotional emails (recommended);
Forward an email to;
Contact the SAC at (62) 4101-5141.

How do cookies work in Moderna Meninas?

Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to your computer's hard drive and do not store personal data. In Moderna Meninas, the use of cookies is only done to recognize a constant visitor and to improve the shopping experience and to direct offers (for example in campaigns of emails). Throughout this process we keep your information in absolute secrecy. It is worth remembering that your data is registered by Moderna Meninas in an automated way, dispensing with any human manipulation.

Minors 18 years old can buy in Moderna Meninas?
As a portal with children's content, Moderna Meninas is concerned especially about the access of minors 18 to the site:

There is no content inappropriate for minors 18 on the site
Anyone minors the age of 18 you must obtain the express consent of your parents or legal guardian send an email address or your data to this site. Moderna Meninas works closely with parents and legal persons to help protect the privacy of their children and / or their dependents.
Dear Client minors 18: Make sure you have this Policy with your parents or legal guardians and that all content is well intentioned and approved, and never provide personal information on this site or any other "knowledge knowledge and printed permission of his parents and / or representatives legal.

Who controls site information?

All information contained in this site is owned by Moderna Meninas and, therefore, can not be changed, copied, extracted or in any way used without the previous and express written authorization. In this way, when accessing the site, the Client is aware that the misuse of the information contained herein may lead to civil and criminal penalties.

Are there any changes to the privacy policy?

The Moderna Meninas is responsible for always keeping this page with the most updated version of the privacy policy. Updates may occur, and these will always be reflected on this page. Any significant changes will be notified in advance.

For questions / suggestions you can:

a.Access the link
b.Contact SAC at (62) 4101-5141.
c.Contact us at
d.Moderna Meninas - Avenida Vieira Santos, block 25, lot 08, Residencial Itaipu - CEP 74356-048, Goiânia, GO, Brazil.